Hello everyone!

Firstly, I must thank you all for being so patient as my site has been under construction for quite some time!  slowly but surely I will be moving everything over here to have one place where my work lives and breathes!  I have updated galleries on my new site and will be posting everything here from now on.

Before I continue I must thank Katherine Long of Little Cat Design Co. (http//  for building this whole thing for me as I am the most computer illiterate person on the face of the planet, and to work with me, she must be the most patient person on the face of the planet.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Scott Michael Fraser and I am a photographer found regularly in the Orange County/LA/San Francisco area.  I photograph a variety of things and occasions but my focus tends to be on weddings/engagements, lifestyle/portrait, and product photography.  I am a big people person, and I love both people themselves, and the things they create!

I was always a photographer, ever since I was little my family would give me rolls of film and unfinished disposable cameras to quench my need to document my existence.  This grew rather out of hand, rather quickly and as a precautionary measure my father doing some simple accounting and taking into account my photography addiction and the fact that I was about to spend my 17th birthday in Rome Italy for a week; my father bought me a point a shoot camera with the largest memory card he could afford.

That camera was by my side for the better part of several years, and it changed my life.

My photography addiction grew and grew and grew.  After moving out of my parents house I had a small studio apartment which I converted entirely into a portrait studio (thats why they call it studio right?) and slept behind the backdrop.  At this point It was apparent this was more than a hobby, it was part of who I am, it was how I express myself.  I got an internship with an amazing photographer completely by chance and she honed my photo-crazy world into something that made sense.

That brings us pretty much to today!  As I add to this blog you are going to learn a lot about me and how I do what I do.

oh, I almost forgot, yes, I would love to take your picture!



I had the blessing of taking flight with close friend of mine cameras in hand. I could do this every day. 

While flying far above the streets of one of the most densely populated cities in the world I could feel the hustle and bustle of the over 12 million Angelinos while not sitting in traffic with them.  Its quite an experience seeing how small and closely related the places we live are from above and, I hate to sound cleshe but, it puts things into perspective.  The world is small and the small part we live in is even smaller, so don’t get wrapped up in all the day-to-day things that bring you immense stress and ultimately leave you unfulfilled because honestly, its probably really small. seriously, jump in a plane and look down, and it will actually look small. 

Joel the pilot can attest I am a big talker (actually lets step back, everyone who has ever met me can attest that I am a big talker) and I was quiet most of the flight with nothing much to say.  I was experiencing awe for the first time in a long time and it was refreshing and new.  the experience as a whole was new and left me with a sense of realization that quite possibly I haven’t been doing what I need to in my life, not using any of my strengths and desires to pursue what I actually want and  lead a life more honoring to God. 

I truly believe everyone should experience small plane flight, its beautiful beyond words.