I was that child who spent his life looking through the viewfinder of every disposable camera my parents would let me get my hands on.  Photography was to be part of my DNA from the start and my loving parents continued to provide ways for me to express myself though image capture, even when our family could not afford it.  After many years of self-teaching (self mistake-correcting), I was blessed with a internship with a wedding photographer, who poured into me all her wisdom and knowhow to prepare me to become a professional myself.  Since then I have been on this journey of visual storytelling.  I photograph not only because it is who I am, but also to honor my family, and that photographer, who supported and guided me.

I love to talk, listen, and grow friendships with the people I meet so please, do not hesitate to send me an email as I already want to take your picture!

I am a Southern California based photographer, regularly found between Orange County and San Francisco, willing to travel worldwide.