6 Tips To Get Rid Of Insomnia In Your Bedroom

Humans both commence a day and call it a day in the bedroom. It is of paramount importance that we should design the room in a way that we can have a restful sleep every night.

Here are some useful tips for you to say goodbye to insomnia.

1. Change The Light In Your Bedroom

If you have trouble sleeping, try using an alternative light in your bedroom.

It is said that the yellow light is much more comfortable and helps people fall asleep more easily than white light. However, there is, an opinion that the white light is better for your sight than another. So which light is better?

If you work in the bedroom, the white light is preferable. But if you want to beat sleeplessness, why not fulfilling your ordered task in brighter rooms and come back to your yellow- lighted bedroom to rest?

2. Keep The Room Out Of Digital Gadget In The Evening

Most people have the habit of playing video games and especially surfing the net as a form of relaxation. These activities require devices which can prevent us from sleeping smoothly at night.

It is widely proved that the light from those gadgets can deceive the brain and keep it awake for a long period of time. Therefore, we should make smart use of the devices.

3. Adjust The Temperature Of The Bedroom

At the beginning of our sleep, there is usually a decrease in the human body temperature. Thus, it is advisable that the bedroom temperature should be turned down to facilitate your sleep.

For an optimum night’s sleep, the bedroom temperature is suggested to be between 60 and 67 Fahrenheit degrees (or from 16 to 19 Celsius degrees).

4. Make The Room Soundproof

Given that sleep is a resting status of the whole body, the surrounding sound plays an essential role in providing you with a good night’s sleep.

If you want to avoid fitful sleep, make sure that your neighborhood is tranquil during the night. Indeed, you should close all the doors of your house or flat, especially the door and windows of your bedroom.

Moreover, for better effect, you can equip your bedroom with soundproof walls.

5. Make Sure That The Bed Is Comfortable

So what is a comfortable bed?

To help people better in sleeping, the bed should be equipped with pillows and blanket, large and soft enough.

There should be no items that disturb the owner from turning in such as smartphone, laptop and so on.

One thing that you should take note is that the softness of the bed should be moderate in order that it won’t cause you back pain.

6. Establish And Follow Healthy Routine

Shun overindulgence

If you desire a good night’s sleep, bear in mind that you should not have too much food and drinks in the evening. Besides, you had better not watch films or stay up late at parties.

Restrict your feelings

There are many activities that can help you feel better, thus give you peaceful sleep. These activities include updating your diary, writing down what makes you worry, making your own to-do list for the next day. Just simple activities like this can do wonders for your sleep!

Consistent bedtime and waketime every day

It is advisable that everybody should begin and finish their days at certain points of time, which can bolster the function of the whole body.

Exercise in bed

If you go to bed for a while but you are still wide awake, try sitting up and do some soft exercise right in your bed. Just by stretching your body and focus on the breath, you will fall asleep easily.

Equip the bedroom with music and scent

The blasting of the alpha music and permeating of a relaxing smell can comfort your brain and make it want to rest. Therefore you can turn in effortlessly.


Insomnia is the effect of both your activities all day long and natural changes inside your body. Therefore, you need time and effort to contain this problem but the first and easiest thing you can do is provide yourself with a relaxing bedroom.